I was wide open.
Full of love only for you.
And you did’t see it.
You didn’t feel it
And now you don’t love me anymore.

But I’m not gonna cry.
I’m gonna celebrate freedom.
I’m gonna see my love,
Feel it,
Only for me.
Cause I’m not your princess anymore.

You have broken my heart, not my ego.
I’m worth more than your money. I know.
I’m prettiest, happiest, I have my own throne. I know.
I forgot your projects, I’m on mine’s now. I can’t stop thinking about them, so I’m going to work for them.
So, don’t follow me, I’m not going your way.
Cry me a river. I’m laughting on it.
Call me un-cute, I don’t care.

Cause I’m not your princess anymore.
I’m the princess of nowhere.
And nowhere is a magical place where I am from.

Fotografía, edición, estilismo y texto: Patricia Blas.
Modelo: Sara Vela.
Maquillaje: Miriam Hernández.
Localización: Miami Cocktail Madrid.
Colaboración especial con Paloma Suárez, Ganga shop y Lucía Macasoli.

princess-of-nowhere-patygelduck-patricia-blas-shit-magazine-2princess-of-nowhere-patygelduck-patricia-blas-shit-magazine-3 princess-of-nowhere-patygelduck-patricia-blas-shit-magazine-4

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